String Techniques

Altering the string sound:

  1. Pizzicato (plucking): plucking the strings
  2. Sul Tasto (on the fingerboard): bowing or plucking over the fingerboard, which produces a soft unfocused sound
  3. Sul Ponticello (on the bridge): an indication to bow very near to the bridge producing a characteristic glassy sound
  4. Mute: a device fitted onto the bridge of a string instrument to alter
  5. Tremolo: (trembling): an effect produced by rapid reiteration of a note
  6. Harmonic: any overtone of a pitch, produced by eliminating the fundamental and the other overtones of the pitch
  7. Glissando: a glide from one pitch to another
  8. Col Legno: (with wood) playing with the wood of the bow
  9. Batuto: (struck): striking thesting with the stick of the bow
  10. Col Legno Tratto: (dragged): dragging the stick on the string
  11. Ricochet: bouncing the bow on the string while dragging it; like dribbling a ball
  12. Extended Techniques: unconventional methods of playing that produce new sounds and timbres.

Ways to use the Bow:


 collé: (glued) like martelé but bow comes off the string between notes