Concert 1a: "Sparks and Jumps - Haydn and Mozart Part I"

We trace the transition from Baroque to Classical, and show the beginnings of the true string quartet.


Concert 1b: "Synergy & Brilliance - Haydn & Mozart Part II'

 Two great musical minds influence each other, resulting in a series of beautiful, timeless quartets.


Concert 2: Opening a Window - Ravel, Milhaud, and Paul Desmond

            Does irregular pulse unsettle you? We show that it can be exciting, sweetly calming, or even swinging.


Concert 3: Emotional Powerhouse - Schubert, Beethoven

            Dip into transcendent and expressive quartets on the cusp between Classical and Romantic periods.


Concert 4: Color Kaleidoscope - Schumann and Glass

            How do you express emotion in music? Exploration musical “color” through harmony and texture.


Concert 5: Evening Romance – Beethoven and Dohnanyi

            Learn how to win the objects of your heart's desire! 


Concert 6: Trains, Hymns, and Barn Dances – Dvorak, Ives, and Schickele

            Czech composer Dvorak was brought to New York to found an American School of composition. Was it an insult, or a success?


Concert 7: Gypsy Nexus – Brahms, Haydn, and Monti

            Gypsies were homeless, feared, misunderstood, and shunned, yet both Brahms and Haydn wrote Gypsy music into their pieces to give them earthiness.


Concert 8: "Soaring Flight and What Pleases – Debussy, Grieg & Porter

            One fervently Norwegian, the other fiercely French, these rich, lush quartets have a lot in common.


Concert 9: Stretch Your Ears! – Bartok

            We give you tools for listening to and enjoying 20th-century music


Concert 10: Doves and Crocodiles - Beethoven

            Fiercely independent, highly innovative, rebellious, tender, brilliant, furious, funny, and plagued by obstacles beyond his control, this composer’s extremes speak to our own inner extremes.


Concert 11: "Cowboys, Indians, and Sailors!" Ginastera and Piazzolla

            Discover connections between the Argentinian Gaucho, the American Cowboy, and New Tango.


Concert 12: Germans in Love – Mendelssohn and Beethoven

            Music might be the food of love, but love is also the fuel of music.


Concert 13: Night Music - Mark Berger, Schubert, and Bartok

            Comfort for all insomniacs and fodder for cricket-lovers.


Concert 14: "White Satin, Gold Tokens, and Birdsong"  - Mozart, Haydn and Boccherini

            Find out how Princes and Prodigies brought the cello into the limelight.


Concert 15: Parrots and Derring-do - Villa-Lobos and Bonfá

            Get on the road to Rio.


Concert 16: Hitch Up Your Troika – Prokofiev and Shostakovich

            Living and composing through the Russian Revolution, the Ballets Russes, and Soviet Russia.


Concert 17: I Shan’t Be Gone Long – Barber and Thompson

            It’s not all jarring – listen to beautifully smooth and romantic twentieth-century American Chamber Music


Concert 18: The Celebrity and the Rebel – Haydn and Beethoven

            Find out how the beginning of one illustrious career bumped up against the end of another, and hear the brilliant results.


Concert 19: Devil and Angel - Beethoven

            Between the poles of "Heaven and Hell" the orb of Beethoven's personality included elegance, warmth and wit.


Concert 20: Between Dream and Reality - Brahms and Dvorak

            Savor rhythmic idiosyncrasies and other surprises in pieces written by kindred spirits.


Concert 21: Birds, Mountains, and the Fox Trot - Peter Schickele

           Groove on this beautiful tribute to the richness and variety of American music, from fiddle tunes to jazz to chance music.


Concert 22: A Mediterranean Diet - Turina, Ravel, Puccini, Wolf

    Circle around the Mediterranean from Spain to France, to Italy, and back again.


Concert 23: Dances of the Spheres - Mozart and Beethoven

           Relish the deep and mellow sonority of two-viola quintets.


Concert 24: Paper Doll on a String - Shostakovich

           Rising above the contest between Art and Politics, the composer juxtaposes deep personal expression and global compassion.


Concert 25: Ripples and Shimmer - Mendelssohn, Spohr and Cherubini

            Supreme craft makes it look so easy. Enjoy the elegance and charm of these Romantic quartets.


Concert 26: Dancing Along from Polka to Swing - Dvorak, Smetana, Dad Cook and Duke Ellington

Where the line between formal classical and popular music disappears.


Concert 27: Unforgettable Shafts of Tenderness - Schubert

Schubert's phenomenal two-cello Quintet, considered by many to be the best piece of chamber music ever written.


Concert 28: Delicious Dissonances - Haydn, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bartok

Dissonance is something to relish, and you're more accustomed to it than you might think!


Concert 29: All for One and One for All - Bartok

What do Bela Bartok, Alexandre Dumas and Switzerland have in common?


Concert 30: Restoration of Honor - Beethoven

"The human brain cannot be sold either like coffee beans or like any form of cheese!"


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