“Dancing Along from Polka to Swing”


Decompression Chamber Music returns to Club Passim on Monday, March 27, at 7:00 p.m., to trace a path from the Bohemian Polka to American Swing. The concert, “Dancing Along from Polka to Swing”, begins with Bedrich Smetana’s refined nineteenth-century “Allegro à la Polka”. It continues through Antonin Dvorak’s gorgeous Slavonic quartet, Opus 51, and includes a touching ballad from the 1898 Broadway musical, “Clorindy”, by ground-breaking African-American composer, Will Marion Cook. The program ends with a supremely elegant hit, “Satin Doll” by “Duke” Ellington.


Get your tickets at www.passim.org or 617-492-7679. Tickets are $25 ($23 for Students and Club Passim members). You can also purchase and enjoy a delicious meal or snack during the program.


Club Passim is at 47 Palmer Street, Cambridge, Mass. 02138

Haydn and Mozart Part 2 - "Synergy and Brilliance"


This concert works as a stand-alone: even if you missed part 1, you'll get a kick out of part 2! 

In a room in Vienna, two great musical minds meet, play quartets together, and establish a long term friendship of mutual respect and cross-inspiration.  Come and hear the results in part two of our  exploration into the beginnings of the Classical String Quartet.

Klaudia Szlachta, Mina Lavcheva, and Yoni Battat join Priscilla Taylor on Monday, February 6 at Club Passim, at 7PM for "Synergy and Brilliance": Haydn and Mozart part 2


Tickets are $25 (For Club Passim members, the price is $23 per concert) SPECIAL STUDENT OFFER! $20 per concert


Tickets are available at www.passim.org   (617) 492-7679

Club Passim is at 47 Palmer Street, Cambridge, Mass. 02138

What do Bela Bartok, Alexandre Dumas and Switzerland have in common? Find out today at 6pm at One Longfellow Square

Today! Bela Bartok's best, most beautiful, and haunting Sixth Quartet, written against the backdrop of impending war. 6:00 p.m. at One Longfellow Square, 181 State Street, Portland, Maine

Come hear Peter Schickele's "American Dreams".  A tribute to the history and variety of American Music, the quartet by one of our greatest composers weaves together fiddle tunes, Appalachian music, a Navajo tune, aleatory music, and several types of Jazz. Schickele’s interweaving of genres, with tunes remembered, invented, or hinted at in dreams, creates a vivid picture of the diversity of American life and music.