Priscilla Hayes Taylor

Priscilla Hayes Taylor is the creator, artistic director, and cellist of Decompression Chamber Music.

  Cellist in a multitude of chamber ensembles, she has performed at a variety of venues in New England, Southern California, Paris, Bangkok, and Vietnam. She coached chamber music at NYSO, Humboldt State University and Opus.

     Ms. Taylor is a member of the Plymouth Philharmonic and Nashua Symphonies. and has performed with several other orchestras in greater Boston and Los Angeles areas. She has also performed with Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, and the Temptations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. She has recently appeared as soloist in the Schumann, Boccherini and Haydn D major cello concertos.

     Ms. Taylor has a MM in Cello Performance from New England Conservatory, and a BA in performance and composition from Bennington College. She teaches cello and string methods at UMass Boston, and received a Provost’s award in May 2012 for scholarly and/or creative activities in the year 2010-11.


Priscilla Recommends:


Book: Yottam Ottolenghi ‘s Plenty “You won’t ask where the beef is. This is a wonderful vegetarian cookbook. The flavors are fresh and unusual, and the food is delicious and satisfying.”


Movie: “The Fifth Element” “It's highly imaginative, has great villains and a true blue-blood diva, is funny, and has a happy ending.”


Place to visit: Vil-la Pau Casals outside Barcelona, Spain. “This is a gem of a museum; a beautifully planned and presented testament to an extraordinary human being and a great cellist.”


Piece of music to listen to: Aaron Copland’s "Sextet" for String Quartet, Piano, and Clarinet: “This piece is American, quirky, and vibrant. The slow movement is like a vast starry sky.”


You Tube: “Billy’s Balls 2”