Decompression Chamber Music


Decompression Chamber Music Concert Monday, March 27th, at 7 pm at Club Passim in Cambridge. Omar Guey, Colleen Brannen, Nat Farny, and Priscilla Taylor link beautiful, elegant music from Smetana to “Duke” Ellington.


Get your tickets at or 617-492-7679. Tickets are $25 ($23 for Students and Club Passim members). You can also purchase and enjoy a delicious meal or snack during the program.


Club Passim is at 47 Palmer Street, Cambridge, Mass. 02138



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“Dancing Along from Polka to Swing”


Decompression Chamber Music returns to Club Passim on Monday, March 27, at 7:00 p.m., to trace a path from the Bohemian Polka to American Swing. The concert, “Dancing Along from Polka to Swing”, begins with Bedrich Smetana’s refined nineteenth-century “Allegro à la Polka”. It continues through Antonin Dvorak’s gorgeous Slavonic quartet, Opus 51, and includes a touching ballad from the 1898 Broadway musical, “Clorindy”, by ground-breaking African-American composer, Will Marion Cook. The program ends with a supremely elegant hit, “Satin Doll” by “Duke” Ellington.


Get your tickets at or 617-492-7679. Tickets are $25 ($23 for Students and Club Passim members). You can also purchase and enjoy a delicious meal or snack during the program.


Club Passim is at 47 Palmer Street, Cambridge, Mass. 02138




Haydn and Mozart part 2


This concert works as a stand-alone: even if you missed part 1, you'll get a kick out of part 2! 

In a room in Vienna, two great musical minds meet, play quartets together, and establish a long term friendship of mutual respect and cross-inspiration.  Come and hear the results in part two of our  exploration into the beginnings of the Classical String Quartet.

Klaudia Szlachta, Mina Lavcheva, and Yoni Battat join Priscilla Taylor on Monday, February 6 at Club Passim, at 7PM for "Synergy and Brilliance": Haydn and Mozart part 2


Tickets are $25 (For Club Passim members, the price is $23 per concert) SPECIAL STUDENT OFFER! $20 per concert


Tickets are available at   (617) 492-7679

Club Passim is at 47 Palmer Street, Cambridge, Mass. 02138


Check out our friend Otile's comment re "Sparks and Jumps" by clicking our "Comments from Listeners" tab at the top of this page.


What do all those numbers mean?

1. Op., Opus: (means “work”) generally refers to the publication order of a composer’s works, not necessarily the order in which they were written. When several complete works are published as a set, each work gets a secondary number. (Opus 59, #1, Op. 59, #2, and Op. 59, #3)


 2. B.: for Jarmil Burghauser, who catalogued all of Dvořák’s works, chronologically. S.: for Otakar Šourek, who catalogued most of Dvorak’s works chronologically. B. and S. numbers do not coincide. Many of Dvorak’s works also have Opus numbers, but beware; some of his compositions have had as many as four different Opus numbers.


3. BWV: for Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (Bach Works Catalogue) by Wolfgang Schmieder: organized by category of work rather than chronology.


4. D.: for Otto Eric Deutsch, who catalogued Schubert’s works chronologically. New research has required revisions – some works have a new number followed by a letter.


5. G: for Yves Gérard, who listed Boccherini’s works by category. These numbers are the most reliable, because many of Boccherini’s works were given different opus numbers by different publishers.


6. H.: for Anthony van Hoboken, who listed Haydn’s works by category. The only compositions of Haydn’s for which we still use Opus numbers, instead of Hoboken numbers, are his string quartets.


7. KV. or K: for Köchel Verzeichnis (Köchel Catalogue) or Ludwig Ritter Köchel, who catalogued Mozart’s works chronologically. (New research has required revisions.)


8. Sz.: for András Söllösy, who catalogued most of Bartók’s works, generally chronologically.


9. WoO: Without Opus: numbers assigned by Hans Halm and Georg Kinsky to Beethoven’s published and unpublished works that do not have Opus numbers.


10. By Key: Works can be identified by their home key, especially if they are limited in number – Brahms’ three string quartets, for example, are in c minor, a minor, and B-flat major. On the other hand, Haydn wrote 72 string quartets, eleven of which are in E-flat major, and Bartók’s quartets have no assigned key at all.


11. By Genre Number: sometimes pieces are identified by their category and order of composition; for example, String Quartet No. 14 or Piano Quintet No. 3.


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Welcome to Decompression Chamber Music!

Decompression Chamber Music is an informal, entertaining introduction to chamber music. 


Our mission is to make classical chamber music more accessible and enjoyable to all listeners.

Our unique format of performance and dialogue creates a more relaxed atmosphere than traditional concert settings.

We play, engage, and offer insight, giving listeners a deeper understanding of the music, and new listening skills to enhance all their musical experiences.


Each lively one-hour concert centers on one or two chamber music masterpieces, with additional gems from a variety of genres.

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February 6th, 2017, 7pm

"Synergy and Brilliance":

Haydn & Mozart  Part 2

The amiably competitive relationship continues...


Club Passim - 47 Palmer Street, Cambridge, Mass

Tickets $25, $23 for Club Passim members and $20 for students are available at

(617) 492-7679


One Longfellow Square, 181 State Street, Portland, Maine

tickets $20 in advance, $23 at the door

available at

(207) 761-1757


Club Passim, 47 Palmer Street, Cambridge, Mass

tickets $25/$23 for members and students

available at

(617) 492-7679

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